Thursday, 20 June 2013

Toms Hole Farm Thu 20 June 2013

We arrived at the moorings this afternoon at the same time as the rain, so we spent the first 10 minutes sitting in the car. Once on the boat the rain got worse again so we stayed put and had a cup of tea until it eased to a light drizzle when we moved up to unload the rest of the stuff from the car.

We finally set sail at 3-30 PM just as the rain stopped but it was a very strange day weather wise. Warm, dull, no wind and not really pleasant.

We were hoping to moor at the first lot of moorings at Littleport but with a Narrowboat and two cruisers already there that was a none runner. We continued on to the bridge at Little Port and when we arrived the place was swarming with police, the only mooring was by the water point opposite the Swan which is where the police were. I then spotted a private ambulance amongst the police cars and they were just about to load up with a deceased person. It looked as if there had been an accident on the T junction as I could see more cars there so we decided to push on to the River Lark. Surly there wouldn’t be anyone at Toms Hole Farm mooring, wrong. There was a small Shetland cruiser there and like a nice chap he was at the very end of the mooring that left us room to sneak in ahead of him, well the bows are well passed the end of the mooring but we will be OK. We arrived just on 5 PM and at half past the cruiser was on his way home for the night leaving us to listen to the Cuckoo and pigeons by our selves.

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