Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Anderton Boat Lift

Day : Tuesday
Date : 26 march 2019
Start :0930
Finish : 1315 Anderton Lift

First thanks to Alf who left a comment on the blog pointing out my water tower is an accelerator and was known as Nuclear Structure Facility.

Last night we ended up with 7 boats moored here and when we set off at 9 30 to catch the 1030 tunnel opening there were only 2 left.
It looks as if the piling work at Little Leigh is almost complete with the towpath to reinstate.
We arrived at Saltersford Tunnel just as the last boat was about to enter, there were 4 of them so Diana followed them in, the engine didn't exceed 600 RPM all the way, that is about 2¼ MPH. The tunnel is quite wriggly but quite wide and as Diana was steering I was able to take a photo from the bows to show the bends.
Barton Tunnel was even better, I was steering this time and we did it at tick over, thankfully no one was waiting to come the other way. Once clear of the tunnel things didn't improve much. I am not sure it this pair of comedians were giggling about us or not.

We stopped at Anderton Boats for a pumpout and then went to the services to fill with water, as the tank was almost empty it took a bit of time. With that out of the way we winded and headed back to the lift to moor for the night, ready to drop down to the river in the morning. 

Today's Journey
5¾  Miles, 0 Locks in 3½ hours

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Steve NBP said...

Looking forward to getting stuck in, see you soon Steve NBP.