Thursday, 28 March 2019

Vale Royal moorings

Day : Thursday
Date : 28 March 2019
Start : 1000
Finish : 1630 Vale Royal moorings

Last night we were moored just by the railway viaduct, we could hear the goods trains rumbling over during the evening but they didn't disturb us overnight. You can hardly hear the passenger trains.

This morning we had Hunts Lock booked for 10 o'clock, at about 9 am the fuel boat Halsall went up, around quarter to ten we could see the lock keepers at work so moved forward to the lock moorings, look who came out.

I had a slight disagreement with a rower above the lock, he was right, I was in the wrong place but his attitude was not the best, still the rest were fine. It will be interesting in the morning when I reverse down past their club where they launch.
Up at New Bridge there is a Chalet park and over time we have watched it grow, it looks as if its now complete with a middle level of very smart chalets.
The river level looked well down so I left the weather station up, the anemometer cleared the under side by less that half an inch, for reference the swivel end of the bridge is half an inch lower, that's the side I passed under on our return trip and just clipped the cups.
There always use to be a building under the end of the conveyor at the Union Salt works, that has now gone and the salt just falls and blows in the breeze, hate to think what its like when its windy. For
some reason the salt they are producing now is a different colour not the normal off whitish pinkish colour.
Just as we approached the sewage outlet there were piles of foam blowing across the rive, maybe all the ladies of Winsford do their washing on a Thursday.
We carried on to Winsford, they now have a notice on the bridge welcoming you, I am not sure what the facilities are that they
mention other than moorings and a water tap. As we arrived the boat that came down the lift yesterday was just leaving, so we were able to moor in their place. After lunch we walked up to Morrison's where not only did we get 6 bottles of wine for £30 but also a voucher for 5p/lt of diesel for the car. By now it was a really pleasant warm afternoon so we untied and took a very slow cruise back to the Vale Royal visitor moorings.
Today's Journey
8 Miles 2 Locks in 3¼ hours

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