Sunday, 31 March 2019

Northwich Dry Dock

Day : Sunday
Date : 31 March 2019

Well today came hard, as you know we are not early risers, but today Matt was coming to paint the hull, not only that but the clocks also went forward so for us that was a double whammy.
We now have a nice black hull thanks to Matt and his airless spray, not the nicest of job but he has got a nice clean dry dock to work in so laying on your back under a boat is not too bad
This is actually the nicest Dry dock we have been in, there is a good stone stairway leading down into the dock for access and
drainage channels on both sides and down the centre to keep the
floor dry. We have a movable steel staircase for access to our front deck, unlike others where we have had a ladder down or a gang plank from the edge.
Today's Journey zero

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