Friday, 1 March 2019

Friday 1 March 2019 Middlewich

Day :Friday

Date :1 March 2019

Start :1000

Finish :1430 Middlewich

Last night we ate at Barchetta the Italian restaurant, It was a toss up between there and Shampaan and as it was still raining Barchetta won. Its probably our favourite Italian restaurant. It was still raining when we went to bed.

We set off at 10 o'clock this morning to much better weather, we had to go up through Wheelock Bottom Lock to wind and then come down again. By the time we returned the Black Smith had his workshop open and his wares on display We lingered for a short time to fill with water and make use of the recycling facilities.

We were soon on our way an as normal now all locks were against us. We did meet one boat, but he had only come from the long term mooring above Booth Lane top lock.

As the day progressed the weather improved, a bit of care is required coming down Rumps Lock as the water jetting out from under the cill could easily end up inside the back of the boat if you drift back too much. I think Kings Lock would have been with us but a lady came up and drew the bottom paddles so I had to sit above the lock and wait for them, still I suppose it was in our favour even if Diana did help them through. We then dropped through the Middlewich 3, again against us to moor for the night a short way above Middlewich Big Lock.

You may recall at the beginning of the trip I voiced my concerns about the safety of people crossing Big Lock now that the footbridge has been condemned, I have just had an email from CRT telling me they plan to put a scaffold bridge across the canal while the existing bridge is refurbished and until that is erected there will be signs to the nearest safe canal crossing point.

Today's Journey 7 miles, 10 locks in 4½ hours.

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