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Its been a busy day today on the canal, we met 2 boats, one at Minworth Lock, he had come all the way from London and didn't have a handcuff key, so I'm not sure how he will get on going up to Birmingham, he also had very large, wider than his roof, solar panels that he had to adjust to get through bridges. The weather has been fine but cool with no wind.

We set off about 1030 heading down to Salford junction and took the very tight right hand turn along the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. We passed a few fishermen but no matches. After a short time we passed under an industrial building, I don’t know what was going on above our heads.

Everywhere is very quiet, not many people anywhere, just a few walkers and cyclists but you could probably count them on one hand. The towpaths around here are definitely geared up for cyclists and they seem to assume the right of way every time.

By one of the Minworth Locks the householder has started planting along the outside of their metal boundary fence.

We stopped for a bit to eat outside the Hare and Hounds pub, as we moored I noticed a length of green line attached to the piling, I just had to pull it and on the end was a Crayfish net. I wouldn’t have thought the visitor moorings was the best place to leave it, luckily I moored at the other end or my prop would have chewed it. After lunch we carried on to the Curdworth flight with still no 

breeze to ruffle the water, luckily the locks were with us, although some had leaked off. C&RT have plans to make the offside of the locks into wild flower gardens and with the volunteers they have I am sure it will be a success.

If you look at this paddle gear you will see a chain hanging to the left with a plate on the end with a hole in it. The stem of the paddle should be threaded through this so that if the paddle becomes detached from the winding gear it can still be retrieved. It seems that C&RT don’t feel they are required any more.

There are a few other things of interest; these footpath markers have boots engraved on them.

Looking out over the M42 you can see the ongoing work of HS2. 

We moored for the night just short of lock 7, although its quite close to the motorway its almost inaudible due to the small rise in the ground between the motorway and the canal.


Today's Journey 

7.5 miles, 9 locks in 4.5 hours.

  Map courtesy of Waterway Routes


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