Saturday, 10 July 2021

Fazeley Junction

 We have never moored to the north of Polesworth before, we have always moored the other side. On of the reasons for coming here other than testing the engine was to get an Indian Takeaway from Ratna  which was its normal quality and finished for lunch today. 
I quiet mooring but very warm, we had the back doors open all night, we couldn't have the slide back as it kept drizzling. This morning the weather was looking very good and we set off at 10-30am. meeting several boats as we slowly chugged towards Fazeley. At Pooley I spotted through the hedge behind the towpath a group out on their Segways, not going down the tow path, they then crossed the bridge to Pooley Park. Would they be a gaggle or a heard of Segways.

We carried on to the top of Glascote Locks where a single hander had just emptied the top lock and was walking back to fetch his boat, so as he was by himself we worked him up, there was already a second boat coming up the bottom lock. As we dropped down the top lock another boat turned the bottom lock to come up, which meant we had to wait while they locked up before we could go down, they didn't gain anything as they had to wait in the middle pound as the boat ahead was not the fastest and weren't even half way up when we entered the bottom lock. We went just passed the junction and moored opposite the pub, which is heaving with people there all afternoon sitting outside drinking.

Todays Journey 5½ miles, 2 locks in 2¾ hours.

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