Monday, 26 July 2021

Wolseley Bridge

 We were away at quarter to ten but had a slow run up to Fradley Junction, we had planed to take water her but there were already two boats there so we carried on to Middle Lock, by the time we locked up there were 8 boats behind us and one coming down at every locking. At Woodend the boat ahead had just entered the lock and there were two waiting to come down, there was also a lady Volockie on duty there as well. We carried on up the T&M past Kings Bromley when again we caught up with the boat we had been following all morning, so I pulled closer and Diana asked them to let us by, needless to say the chap on board enquired what our hurry was, I do like to do a bit more than 2½ MPH on an open canal with no moored boats. We stopped for water at the Armitage water point after we persuaded the hire boat it was not an overnight mooring. While filling the boat we passed earlier chugged by and we exchanged pleasantries, so no one upset. We followed them through Rugeley where they stopped to walk the dog so I was able to pass and inform them of the Colwich closure tomorrow. The house just through Rugeley has a new layout of manikins for

 boaters to admire. We continued chugging to Wolseley Bridge where we moored for the night just after 5pm. with a view to eating at the pub tonight.

Todays Journey 16½ miles, 3 locks in 7½ hours

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Ann Street said...

The Indian restaurant at Wolsley Bridge is one of the best on the cut. Just realised the time. You have probably gone to the pub :-) Enjoy!