Friday, 6 August 2021

Bradley Green

 Mixed weather driving over to the boat but since we have been here the sun has poked its head out but the wind has also picked up quite a bit. Carparking at the marina was a bit tight and I had to park in the roadway to unload the car due to lots of git gaps in the moored cars. Once loaded and dinner finished we set off, with the breeze I was pleased that I reverse into the mooring and could drive straight out. At Pooley Hall there is a small heard of Belted Galloways munching away at the grass, they are not out on the nice meadow but had  worked there way into the overgrown part beside the canal. As we came into Poolsworth it looks as if a couple of them with calves have decided to go into town, I am not sure

how they managed to get out of the canal on the towpath side, as from what I can remember its all a piled hard edge.
Passing Grendon Dry Dock this fine fellow wandered over to say hello, I would have felt more honored he he wasn't doing it to all the passing boats.
We were hoping to moor opposite the services at Bradley Green Bridge but as I was by the winding hole I could see through the bridge and it looked quite full, so I backed up clear of the hole with a view to mooring there for the night, however Diana walked ahead and cam back with the news that there were moorings 5 boat up, so I move along. Our reason for mooring here is that George, my Grandson is joining us tomorrow, I haven't seen him for a year but understand he could now be bigger than me.

Today's Journey 5¼ miles, no locks in 1¾ hours

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