Friday, 4 March 2022

Tue 15 Feb All Oaks

We woke to rain and set off at 10am in the rain, it continued raining all the way to Ansty before stopping. We called in at Bedworth to borrow a power supply from Chris and Terry for my laptop, unfortunately it doesn't fit, mine is a micro pin, but it was worth a try. We did meet a few boats today, even a couple of hire boats. At Charity Dock it looks as if they are removing some of the sunken hulks.DSCF6196
I didn't make a completes pigs ear of turning into Suttons Stop, it may had gone better if I hadn't been holding the brolly. One thing I noticed on the N Oxford was a large number of small, empty mussel shells, these were right beside the canal edge, this set me wondering if they had been eaten by a bird or a mammal?  I will try to remember to stop and look a t the m on the way back to see if there are teeth or beak marks on them.DSCF6199
We also saw our first lambs of the season today in a field beside the towpath.DSCF6201

I do strange things like waving to lorries and trains, today the driver of a goods train saw my wave and gave me a bit of a toot. We also saw a goods train fully loaded with new cars and vans, a few more than you can get on a road transporter. We decided to carry on to All Oaks to moor for the night, it's rather squelchy so I was pleased to get against some piling rather than on pins. Since we have been moored up there have been several boats go and I think all the piling moorings are now full. 
Today's journeymap1511 miles 4 hours and 1 lock

To see a map of the first half of our journey click HERE. For the second half click HERE and a Google map will open

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