Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday October 26 2012 March

Not a lot to say really. We arrived at the boat a little after p.m. and got loaded up. While Diana packed away I drained a bit of fuel from each filter and it all looked OK. so I started the engine, I had already got the stove going, well it was only 9°. By the time we were ready to set off it was raining so we decided to wait and fill with water.
It was gone 3 when we set off and it wasn’t long before it was raining again and felt quite cold. About an hour later we were moored up along side the park in March, apart from the weather the other thing that sticks in my mind about the journey is the number of pike that jumped as we approached or passed.
By now it had stopped raining but the sky was black as your hat  and after a quick shopping trip to Lidl we hurried back to the boat.

As I type this at 1915hrs the temperature in the boat is a nice  23°c but outside its only 4.8°c the wind has dropped and its a clear moonlit night. We have just ordered a Chinese Takeaway from Wong’s Crispy Duck and I am about to go and pick it up.

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Baz said...

I like the name of the take-away. I have noted the large number of boats on the K&A which are named after wildfowl - plenty of Mallards, Teals &c - there's even a 'Maris Wigeon' in our marina. But a couple of weeks back I passed (OK, narrowly missed) a boat called 'Crispy Duck'. I wish I'd thought of that.