Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday 2 Oct 2012 Napton Bridge Inn

Well its time to start blogging again. We left home this morning and drove to Kings Lynn to pick up our hire car from Enterprise. We then took that and our own car to Floods Ferry, transferred all the stuff from our car to the hire car, left our car at Floods Ferry and drove to Napton top lock and back to Harnser. Once the hire car was unloaded I took it to Enterprise’s office in Leamington Spa by the railway station where one of their drivers drove me back to Napton. A very handy arrangement. One thing I did learn is the earlier you book the car the cheaper the price, todays journey was about £5 cheaper than the same journey 10 day ago as I booked them both at the same time, they do however charge a premium for a one way journey.

Once back on Harnser we set off, just as a boat was approaching the top lock from below, as it was almost full they very kindly topped it up and opened the top gate, it was to be the only lock that was with us all day, all the rest had leaked down, a couple half way but the others empty. We made good time down the flight and continued on to The Bridge Inn. There were quite a few boats moored on the visitor moorings by the Folly but only two when we arrived at The Bridge. We had slight drizzle for the latter part of the trip but no sooner had we moored up than it tipped it down. Not the longest of cruises starting at quarter to four and tying up about quarter past five. Tonight we will find out what The Bridge is like under new management, watch this space.

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