Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday 10 October 2012 Peterborough

Last night we wandered into the village to eat at The Falcon, the had a couple of beers on at £3-50 but the food is quite up market and pricy.

Just before we set off this morning nb.Tugby and nb. Lunar Dream came by so we gave them a bit of space before leaving a smallDSCF0200our overnight mooring for which we had paid £4. We were to see them again at most of the locks until Alwalton. It took us just an hour to reach Elton lock which was our other choice of moorings for the night.
Just below Wansford Lock we found this collection of weed clearing vessels moored, we have not experienced any problems a smallDSCF0201with weeds on the river this trip so they must have done a good job. We met three Narrowboats and a Cruiser today so its been a busy day on the river.
We met the cruiser at Waternewton lock, his granddaughter was there to meet him and help him through the lock, it was just as well, as without her warning he would have damaged his canopy on the tail bridge. She saw him on his way and carried on walking with her dog.
For the people on the canals who complain about dog mess around locks don’t know they are living, down here its horses and cows a smallDSCF0204that do it.

At Alwalton lock we saw the best crop of sloes that we have seen all year, right beside the top lock gate. Diana started to pick some as I worked Harnser into the lock, then low and behold a Narrowboat came the other way so we had to leave the foraging and empty the lock before continuing on our way with just half a tub of fruit.
Just one more lock lay ahead of us for today and that is Orton lock and then it was on into Peterborough. We have moored on The Embankment behind Tugby and Lunar Dream, we have also been joined by nb. Early Bird who were not only moored in front of us last night but were also in the pub when we arrived. I am not sure it was a good move mooring here as the Fair is in town and the road quite noisy.

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