Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Thrupp Tuesday 22 Oct 2013

We woke to a wet morning and as we only planned to go to Thrupp we didn’t start to early hoping for an improvement in the weather, but it was warm and showery most of the day.

We slipped off at 1030hr just as the trip boat was leaving the other side of the bridge, but as we intended travelling slowly  that was not a problem. We actually met a boat coming the other way, just one.

It looks as if CaRT have adjusted the locking mechanisms on the lift bridges, last time we came this way Diana had to sit on them to turn the key but now hand pressure is quite sufficient.DSCF4003 It is noticeable how the recent wet weather has changed the balance point of some of these bridges, when we came down 5 days ago Diana was able to open Drinkwater’s lift bridge from the towing path side, today with the deck heavier she had to cross and pull the arms down.

The trip boat we were following turned off on to Duke’s Cut so I expect they are returning via the Thames. From Duke’s Cut all the locks were in our favour but in most cases it was still necessary to draw a paddle to get the gate open.

By the time we reached Thrupp at about 1415 the sun had come and it was quite warm, the moorings were surprisingly empty and we actually managed to get mooring rings this time on the 7 day moorings, even though we are only staying overnight.
Once tied up we wandered down to Annie’s Tea rooms for a pot of tea and a wedge of cake.

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