Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday 9 March 2015 Kings Bromley marina

Boy did the temperature drop last night, I recorded –2.6°C on the front deck of the boat. Thankfully it was a tad warmer this morning.

We setoff in weak sunshine, but that didn’t last to be replaced with drizzle and a stiffening breeze. The gauge on the fresh water tank was reading zero so we felt it prudent to stop at the Fradley Water Point and fill up, we even had time for a coffee and catch up with emails while it filled. It was then off through the swing bridge and hard left, Middle Lock was with us but Shadehouse was full, still you can’t win them all.

The Dormouse survey is taking place again between Woodend Lock and Shadehouse Lock with the little lengths of square plastic piping hung from branches each with a number on it. Luckily we met a boat a short way before Woodend Lock, one of the few boaters who know the meaning of Harnser, so we were met with cries of “You come from Norfolk”, it also meant that Woodend Lock was in our favour.

That was the last of the traffic for today, well we had seen 2 boats on the move and one mooring up. As we crossed the marina the breeze had definitely freshened up and it took a couple of attempts to back into our slot in the cross wind. Google earth and  MotionX-GPS captured my attempts in the SW 3b

Once moored it was a bit of maintenance with an oil and filter change, something I do every 200 hrs. One of the good things about this marina is that it has an oil disposal tank so it saves me taking 5lt of dirty oil home with me each time to dispose of. I still have the filter to get rid of but that goes straight into a sealed sandwich box and when I get home it goes on the next bonfire and once burnt out into the bin.

Today’s Journeymap 3  4 miles in 2½ hours

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Sue said...

I wondered what those boxes are for. There are quite a few along the walk on the offside above Shadehouse Lock I saw when I was walking the girls.

A couple on the ground and two or three higher in the trees, I couldn't work it out!

Thanks for that!