Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tuesday 31 March 2015 Adderley

Not the best nights sleep last night, we recorded gusts of 44 MPH although it felt more, it must have been the angle it was hitting us straight onto our right hand side which was also the off side. Listening to it this morning I didn’t really want to crawl out of bed, but at least the rain had stopped. The first boat went by about 7 AM but we didn’t set off until 1040 hrs. meeting a few boat on the way, one a clothed up empty ex working came along at quite an angle across the cut.We passed Overwater Marina, their RNLI flag and flagpole gives an indication of the wind strength.DSCF8405

The land by the bottom lock at Audlem has been turned into a garden, but its impossible to say who is maintaining it.DSCF8409 We stooped in Audlem above the second lock to fill with water where is started to rain, only a light shower then we moved up and moored in front of Audlem Mill to go shopping, now it decided to hail. Another visit to the Butchers, Oxtail & Trotter in Cheshire Street, to get home cured bacon and sausages as well as a joint of beef, last time we bought a pork joint and sausages. The shop seems to be part of a small cluster of shops around the courtyard. One we visited specialises in sweets where we received a free sample, another is a wine shop and there is also a cafe with more things opening soon.

We timed our departure well as the boat moored ahead off us left seconds later. We had a good run up the Audlem flight meeting lots of boats mostly in the right places, When there was a lull in boats coming down we were able to draw the paddles for the boat following to help them up as well. Some of the bywashes on the flight were not flowing at all and some were quite fierce.DSCF8410

nearing the top of the flight we had rain,hail and snow, plus a little sunshine. The moorings at the top of the flight are surrounded by trees which I don’t like for two reasons, one they sometimes fall down in gales and we are expecting another tonight and two they are full of Rooks who poo on the boat and make a racket before first light. The moorings below the Adderley flight are much better being out in the open.

Today’s Journeymap 25

4¾ Miles 15 locks in 4 hours

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