Thursday, 12 March 2015

Thursday 12 March 2015 Gt Haywood

I was very surprised how quiet our mooring was last night in Rugeley, not a sound all night, great.

This morning was bit of a late start as I went to a wonderful little shop in Rugeley called AVH Supplies and they sell everything, what’s more they know where it all is. I only wanted a new washer for the hot water tap in the bathroom, out came the wooden box behind the counter and there was a selection of washers. Two for 40p, back to the boat and one fitted, job done.

We finally set off at 1030 am in weather that couldn’t quite make its mind up, one minute sun shine the next blowing cold, but no rain.

I am still not sure what this object is about half a mile below Colwich Lock across the other side of the river.DSCF8088

There were no queues at Colwich Lock, I wonder how long it will remain like that, probably next time we come this way we will have to wait. The coping stone on the lock side has weathered to show the original strata which I expected to be parallel  with the rock faces, on on the angle.DSCF8089

Once through the lock we carried on to Great Haywood to moor about a quarter of a mile below the lock. Our reason for mooring so early is that we need to be at Stafford Boat Club tomorrow for the AWCC AGM.

Today’s Journeymap 6 4½ miles, 1 lock, 1 aqueduct in 1¾ hours.

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