Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday 29 March 2015 Greenfield Bridge

A bit about yesterday. About 7 pm we went up to the Willey Moor Tavern for dinner and I think I can safely say it is the best steak pie I have ever had out, packed with tender lean meat and nice gravy, not a piece of fat or gristle to be found. They also had 4 beers on the pumps which helped.
This is not an open all day establishment but open Lunch time and evenings. There was a good crowed in there eating when we arrived and that is with no other boats moored nearby so must be local trade.

We got back to the boat and I set the clocks ready for this morning, only I failed to adjust my body by an hour so a bit lat start.

It was another rough night weather wise with rain and wind, however when we were ready to leave at quarter to eleven this morning it was just the odd light show and no wind, but it wasn’t to last and we have recorded gust speeds of 40 mph and a good 2 hours of rain since, the only up side was meeting 12 boats ensured all the locks were with us except one and we left the gates on that open for a boat coming up. The weather was so rough that these sheep all have there bums facing the wind and rain.DSCF8372 Being fully grown with a good fleece that are much better placed to cope with it than this group of new lambs we had seen just after setting off when the weather was better. I expect they wondered what had hit them.  DSCF8371 

Last week CaRT issued a Navigation restriction notice for Wrenbury lift bridge as they were modifying the controls, it certainly seemed to us to lift and lower faster today than when we went up. It wasn’t until Baddiley Bottom Lock that we had to turn one before entering, by now the weather was quite miserable so we decided that we would moor on the 48 hr visitor moorings a short way below the lock.

Today’s Journeymap 23 7 miles 5 locks 1 electric lift bridge, 1 manual lift bridge in 3¼ hours.

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