Monday, 24 December 2018

Tyrley Locks Monday 24 December 2018

It turned quite cool overnight and when we woke this morning there was freezing fog but the temperature was climbing quite rapidly as the sun rose in the sky. For a time we were sailing straight into it which made seeing some of the lock entrances when they were under a bridge a bit tricky.

First we went up the 5 Adderley Locks and by the time we hadDSCF0801done the first one the fog had all gone. I am not sure how big the boats were that used these locks to require a bollard like this?DSCF0803

The cold, damp air left some nice outlines in the cobwebs on the weather station.DSCF0805

We were to meet one boat today on the move, just before we got to Market Drayton, we hoped he had come down the Tyrley Locks but no, they were all against us as well. Just below Tyrley Locks someone has put a face on a tree, this has been here many years now, but someone has spruced him up for Christmas.DSCF0808

If anyone is looking for a canal side property then one of the houses at Tyrley Wharf is up for sale for £380,000

Today's Journeymap 08 5¼ miles, 10 locks in 3 hours.

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Unknown said...

That is a strapping stump off a top gate, not many left now.