Monday, 17 December 2018

Marston Monday17 December 2018

We arrived at the boat around 12 o'clock and had a slight change of plan. The original plan was to load up the boat, cruise down the cut for the night and then return in the mooring to change out the domestic batteries, but as it was such a nice day I decided to do them today, so after getting the water back on and firing the stove up, we cruised the length of the pontoon and back down the other side so the engine room door was against the pontoon, this at least warmed the engine room but not enough to burn me.
The batteries were disconnected and the old ones all lifted out before carrying the new ones down to the boat. It all went a lot easier than expected and the new ones were soon in and connected. Once the old ones were in the back of the car it was time for a bite to eat before clearing everything up.

It was about quarter past two when we finally got away and headed North from the marine to moor for the night just past the Salt Museum around 3-30 pm. I did manage to spot 1 Kingfisher on the way.

Since then Diana has been busy decorating the boat, all the lights are up as is the Christmas tree.DSCF0738

Today's Journey image3¼ miles in 1½

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