Thursday, 28 February 2019

Thursday 28 February 2019 Wheelock

Day :Thursday
Date :28 February 2019
Start :0945
Finish :1300 Wheelock
We made an early start today for some reason. The weather has made quite a change from the last few days, when we set off it was very dull and overcast, but not in the slightest damp. That all changed at Kings Lock, as we locked up in the dry we were watching the rain fall in the pound above to within 10 feet of the top gate and as there was no breeze at all the boundary didn't move, but we did into it and it rained for the rest of the journey.
As we approached the end of the Middlewich Arm I spotted this duck climbing the steps, its probably a female Mandarin we didn't spot her partner anywhere.
CRT have been cutting back the offside vegetation along here, this was very evident at Rumps Lock where the conifer has had a good seeing to.
Looking at the salt works a little further along it looks as if at one time a railway line ran right through the building so that wagons could be filled undercover, today lorries use it.
A short time back CRT replaced the lock moorings at Booth Lane bottom lock, it was quite a big job, it now looks as if they need to do the ones below the middle lock as well. They have put some white posts in to give temporary mooring.
We carried on in the now heavier rain to moor for the night at Wheelock, tucking in behind the floating Blacksmith on his boat Emily towing his forge on the butty Bronte.
Today's Journey
6½ miles, 6 locks in 3¼ hours.

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