Sunday, 20 June 2021


  After we arrived yesterday afternoon it started raining and continued on and off until early this morning. I went out and the side of the boat was plastered in mud from the cyclists going by, the towpath here is very narrow and it would have been impossible to put pins in as the concrete was half of the available path, two walkers would have trouble passing, two bikes no chance.

We set off a little before 10am with only an hour to go to reach the Tom O the Woods moorings where we were to meet my daughter and family for coffee at the pub. It was quite a convenient spot as we could fill with water while waiting and also wash down the side of the boat with a mop. Its nice to see that the goats are still in residence just before arriving.

If you plan to visit the Tom O the Wood and sit outside you have to order by phone app. I don't know if you can drink inside or not.

After saying goodbye we had lunch onboard before setting off to Kingswood Junction, as I arrived I heard a toot toot and held back, a 70 foot hire boat slowly pushed his nose out and made a very good job of turning and passing us. Last time we came this way there wasn't a housing estate beside the link and at the junction.

 As we approached the first lock a boat was just coming out, so the locks were all with us except for the one with the bottom paddle left open three notches. One of the locks was leaking badly through the top gate I think it was Rowington top lock.

We carried on down to Lowsonford and moored on the rings there for the night. So far progress has been very good, better than the GU was in places.

 Todays Journey 4.4 miles, 9 locks in 3hrs 20 min

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