Thursday, 10 June 2021

Sutton Cheney Wharf

Well that was a turn up for the book, last night we were moored directly behind fellow Cutweb members Chris and his wife  so we had a short chat before going our separate ways this morning. He chugged straight off but we had to wind first. We saw him again using the services at Bosworth Marina. This photograph shows the profile of Snarestone Tunnel more clearly.

There was much less traffic on the canal today than the past couple of days but the weather was very overcast all morning. A long section of the canal north of bridge 44 is an SSSI and since we were last here C&FT have installed a nice new blue sign in place of the BW black and white one.

 We were hoping to moor on the restored moorings at Sutton wharf but they were all full, however as luck would have it the single mooring between the waterpoint and the long term moorings was free, so we nipped in before anyone else came along.Since we have been moored up I have wandered down and looked at the refurbished mooring pontoon, this time the recycled plastic decking has some anti slip compound built into it.

Todays Journey 10.7 miles, no locks in 4½ hours

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