Friday, 18 June 2021


 We got up in the rain and its still raining, we didn't have far to go today, only to Warwick leaving Hatton for tomorrow so we decided we would sit it out and wait for the rain to clear, by 2-30pm it was obvious that wasn't going to happen so we set off. We only met a a single hire boat all the way, the only other thing moving was the Salisford Arm self drive thing. I can't remember passing so many moored up hire boats, that's how persistent the rain was. Needless to say as I write this at 6pm. it has just stopped. Someone has tried to brighten up the old buildings opposite the new student accommodation with a bit of graffiti, well it can't look worse.

We needed a bit of shopping so the first option was Lidl in Warwick and I was most surprised to only find one cruiser moored there and I was able to moor right out side the entrance. In the past its always been chocker block. For fans of Morrisons they have now installed a proper stair way from the towpath up to the road to save scrambling up the bank and are in the process of building a ramp for bikes, trollies, wheelchairs etc. Round at Tesco again only one boat moored but we didn't need to stop there today. While Diana was in Lidl the saltisford widebeam day boat came back from the pub and for a while I expected it to broadside the cruiser, but control was regained in time and all was well. That did however mean that both Cape locks were against us. It doesn't look as if C&RT have touched the grass around these locks this year and on the lower one its a foot high, the pub mows the upper one. We continued on just passed the Saltisford arm to moor for the night and hopefully find someone to share with tomorrow.

Todays Journey 5.3 miles, 2 locks in 2½ hours

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