Thursday, 17 June 2021

Radford Semele

A nice quiet night at the end of the moorings well away from the road bridge and the clanking pub sign, we had a little rain overnight but nothing major and this morning was several degrees cooler and overcast. A couple of boats went by quite early. We set off at our normal 10am. just as a boat was exiting the first lock, exactly the same happened at the second, can this good luck last? Just below the Two Boats pub we passed a moored up widebeam boat, they don't often come this fare as the Blue Lias bridge is bit of a pinch point. We stopped for water just below bridge 27, this is a good fast tap. Looking at the concrete piling opposite with instructions to dredge 3ft 6in below the water line, I was just wondering where the water line should be, the board at the next lock indicated the level was off by about only 100mm

We arrived at Bascote staircase just as two boats had left, so that was with us but we could see the next one down was empty and no sign of a boat. Not long after leave the next lock we met a wide beam boat coming towards us, looking at how tight it is in Splash Bridge I think it may be tight both passing the moored widebeam and also getting through Blue Lias bridge. We met two more Narrowboats before we got to Welsh Road lock, after this every lock was against us although we met several boats on the way.
Just before Longhole Bridge HS2 will be crossing the canal, looking to the south they have this rather large construction going on that looks like a rather large host for something.
We finally caught up with the boat ahead as they were leaving Radford Bottom Lock, of course they had had every lock with them where as we had most against us. I did time a lock and using just one paddle it takes 4 minutes to fill or empty a lock, se we were locking in 10 minutes. Just below Radford Bottom Lock on the offside immediately before the bridge this old Severner is moored, you don't see that many of them about these days. There were manikins dressed and on display at the bridge the last time we passed this way, they have all gone now. We did about another half a mile before pulling in to moor for the night, this leaves us quite a short run to the bottom of the Hatton flight tomorrow. 

Today's Journey 5.6 miles, 12 locks in 4¼ hours.

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