Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday 20 March 2015 Hurleston

Woke to a lovely sunny for the eclipse, only 1 small cloud in the sky and that passed the sun about 9-30 so we got a chance to see what it looked like as we didn’t have viewer. Once the excitement was over we walked into Audlem to visit the butchers Oxtail & Trotters to buy a pork joint and sausages.

back to the boat we noticed that in Audlem they are so proud of their dog poo's they have some go round and paint them orange.DSCF8211

Audlem Lock 12 is another lock where a wooden pole has been fitted to help guide boats into the lock. If you look at the angle of the brickwork on the left you can see why its needed.DSCF8212

We stopped outside the Shroppie Fly to fill with water where Judith & John introduced them selves to me as blog readers. While the water tank filled we also filled the next lock and made it ready for our departure, as we locked down we saw a boat locking up in the next lock which they left open for us, however they moored before reaching our lock.

There is a good lock free run to Coole Pilate and then the Hack Green locks adjacent to the not so Secret BunkerDSCF8214

I do wonder how much longer the visitor moorings will be open on the Nantwich embankment now there are new houses nearby,DSCF8217 some time ago the adjacent moorings were closed because they overlook the houses. At the end of the embankment is the famous Nantwich Aqueduct which is due for a make over later this year.DSCF8218 

Spring is really on the way and this poor duck was suffering the attention of 3 drakes, earlier it had been 5, I was surprised that the poor thing hadn’t been drowned.DSCF8221

In Nantwich we were greeted by another couple who read this blog, Christine & Gerald on their new boat.

We pushed on to Hurleston Junction where we turned sharp left to the Hurleston lock flight and the Llangollen Canal.DSCF8224

We had a wait at the bottom of the flight while a boat came down the last lock, this had the advantage of putting all four in our favour.  This flight is quite renowned for being narrow and there are signs at the bottom telling you to lift your fenders before entering the lock. No sooner where we in the flight and it started to drizzle, this was very heavy drizzle that soaks things thoroughly. Even though the locks were in our favour with the short pounds between them Diana still had to draw paddles to get the bottom gates open.

Looking back from the top of the flight you could see how the weather had deteriorated from this mornings bright sunshine.DSCF8225

The Llangollen canal brings water down from the River Dee at Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen down to Hurleston reservoir whichDSCF8227 takes its feed just above the locks, leaving very little to flow down the lock by washers, this results in the pounds between the locks running a bit low and I bounced across one. We carried on for about another half mile to moor on the first SUCS moorings that we came to.


Note to self.
New water pump fitted
Seaflo SFDP2-033-035-41 12.5 LTM/3.3GPM 24Volts 2.0 Amps 35psi 2.4bar


Today’s Journeymap 14 9¼ miles, 10 Locks, 1 Junction and 2 canals in 4¾ hours

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Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Saw you go past yesterday but by the time we spotted who it was you were gone.