Friday, 29 June 2018

Anderton Friday 29 June 2018

As you have probably guessed already we are back on the boat. We didn't have to bad a trip from home but had to go round Papworth as the A14 was closed, luckily the report came on the radio just before we got to the junction so were able to avoid it.

I am trying something new in the Blog for this trip and the bottom map will be for all the ground we have covered this trip. I will crop it so that it shows the days travel as closely as possible but clicking it will take you to the full map. I would appreciate feedback later in the week as to what you think of it.

Anyway we set off in the heat at about 3 30 this after noon heading towards Anderton, The weather station on the roof was indicating 30°C which I found a bit hot so we pulled over for a couple of hours and moored in the shade just before bridge 192. By 6pm things were feeling much better so we set off again, one thing we noticed was that a lot of the boats that were permanently moored just before the salt Museum have gone, I had always wondered if they were long term moorings or just squatters on visitor moorings. We made our way to Anderton to moor just before the lift. I understand it went wrong again, but we may try to get down on the river tomorrow as I would like to see the damage at Marsh Lock for myself.

Today's Journey 5 miles in 2 hours.Map 01

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