Friday, 22 February 2019

Friday 22 February 2019 Adderley

Well again it was 1030am when we left, but this time for good reason, there was a queue of boat at the bottom of Adderley locks, so we waited until they were well on their way. Again we had a day where the lock fairy had deserted us and every lock, all 10 of them were against us.
Some of the locks on this canal still have their top gate paddle, but even when opened fully the water goes out to each side and not over the bows of the boat.
When we arrived at market Drayton we hoped to fill with water but there was a queue for the two water points, but by the time we had eaten lunch one had moved off and we were able to top up. Once that was done we stopped for a bit of shopping.
Market Drayton has some interesting restrictions which I don't understand the reason for. Take fishing, a fisherman can sit on the visitor mooring fishing opposite the long term moorings for about half the year, for the other half they cant.
The boaters are no better off, they can moor her overnight, but not during the day unless its market day. So if you moor overnight, how early can you arrive, just after lunch like we would of at sunset? next day what time do you have to leave, day break, after breakfast or before lunch, it doesn't say.

Once we finished shopping we set off again back towards Nantwich, we didn't see a single boat on the move all afternoon and of course when we arrived at Adderley locks they were all empty. 

We did pass a couple of moored boat that raised a bit of interest, the first had a woven willow cratch frame, I don't know if the owner has a cover for it.*

The second boat was a CRT work boat, unusually well moored with a couple of reasonable pieces of rope and not string, but I alway moor with my mooring ropes running ahead and astern of the boat if possible, this had the bow rope running back and the stern rope running forrad.
Tonight we are moored in exactly the same spot as last night but facing the other way, to achieve this we have done some 7¼ miles and 10 locks.
Today's Journey
7¼ miles, 10 locks in 4 hours.

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