Monday, 18 February 2019

Monday 18 February 2018 Beeston

Well back to our normal 10 am starts and a sunny run as far as Aqueduct Marina where we stopped to visit the chandlery, I didn't see much of this part of the journey as I was replacing the spring in our toilet flush mechanism, I expected it to be gold not steel as a new one cost me over £30.
Anyway Iain got a new float switch at Aqueduct and we were soon on our way again  and up through Minshull Lock with us leading the way. A boat pulled out ahead of us just before  Cholmondeston lock but he was on his way up by the time we got to the lock so only a few minutes delay.
There were some interesting cloud formations as we made our way towards Barbridge.

At the junction we turned right, straight across the canal from the junction is the site of the old Jolly Tar pub that has been demolished for some time just leaving the pub sign standing, now however there are hoardings erected all along the boundary and work going on behind them.
Our plan was to go down to Chester for a couple of nights, I knew Northgate Lock was closed but I missed the Wharton's lock closure so we will wind just before it.
A brief stop at the services to top up the tanks at Calveley and then on our way, we had just got under the next bridge and there were a few spots of rain, but the sky to the south was bright with sunshine, however to the north of us was
black with a nice double rainbow, but like the rain it didn't last long.
Just before the winding hole on the right are some old Lime Kilns, I don't know if someone is working on them because I dont remember them being so open and in view last time we were this way, they look in very good condition and you could see right inside the arches.
Bunbury staircase was not only against us but someone had left the bottom gate open and the paddle up, as usual the canal below is well full of hire boats and its bit of a squeeze getting past the last pair and under the bridge, especially considering this is a wide canal. We carried on through one more lock and moored just above Beeston Brick Lock for the night. I think we have made up for yesterday doing over 5 hours today.
Today's Journey

11 miles, 5 locks in 5½ hours.

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