Saturday, 16 February 2019

Saturday 16 february 2017 Middlewich

Well we got back to the boat around lunchtime, everything looks fine with no frost damage, but I had drained the domestic water system. While Diana unloaded the car I refilled the water system, luckily we had just enough water in the tank to do it.
Once we were sorted it was time to be off, as we approached the marina entrance we saw Ann and Iain Street on their boat, also getting ready to leave so we had a quick word and then we waited for them in Big Lock.
We only met one boat and that was on a nice straight bit but when we arrived at Big Lock there were two boats going up, it didn't matter as we had planned to fill with water below the lock anyway. It nice to see the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses out, that and the sun shine made it very spring like.
CRT have closed the footbridge over the foot of Big Lock saying its unsafe, This make it a bit more walking to do over the top gate while working the lock. I do wonder what sort of risk assessment CRT have carried out before closing the bridge and just how much danger it presents as there is a steady stream of people carrying dogs and children now crossing the top lock gates, and I just wonder which presents the greatest risk, that or if the bridge was still open.
Today's Journey 4½ miles 1 lock in 2¼ hours

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Peter Stockdale said...

I will pop along next weekend or before to check this "closure" out. Seem to recall it has a public footpath function as well as a boaters convenience facility. Back on this later !!