Saturday, 12 June 2021

Coventry Basin

 Well the bit of piling we were moored to last night filled up, I think there were 8 of us in the end. We pushed off this morning just before 10 am .and headed back to the Coventry canal. C&RT contractors, Rothen were not working today so I am not sure if they intend to fit fendering the whole length, I can't see it doing much good if they don't backfill the piling.

We met a couple of boats on our way to Sutton Stop and then had to sit in the narrows as a boat popped out from the Oxford, 4 people on the stern but no one bothered to go to the bow it see if anyone was coming. Then we waited by the services while a boat coming under the first bridge decided to moor in the first gap he came to with two good impressions of the Ever Given, with first his stern on the towpath and bows on the off side, a bit of hovering in the middle followed by bows to towpath and stern on the offside, at this point a crew hopped of with a rope and slowly heaved it in, Thanks for waiting would have been nice once we were passing. The boat behind him was actually moored under the bridge, not a spot I would fancy. The next one was moored directly opposite the mooring basin entrances, I was surprised his stern rope wasn't tied to the "no Mooring" sign. We had a good run down to the basin meeting two boats on the way and passing a very large turtle sunbathing, if he is there on the way back I will try for a photo. I am not sure if this is official graffiti or not but its quite skilfully done.

I have always admired the artwork on the end of this pub, I don't know how often they have it repainted.

We arrived at the basin and there were only two boats there both in the right hand arm so we slid in backwards down the left hand arm mooring at the very end. The mooring information is quite 

interesting, does that mean 2 abreast or just a single wide beam that they would have to crane in or just 2 Narrowboats on the moorings when there is room for half a dozen?
We took a walk into the City hoping to look around the old Cathedral but it was closed off for some sort of food festival that needed an arm band to get in. By now it was obvious that we wouldn't  be eating out tonight with all the people about so we settled for a takeaway from Jinseon, ordered on line to pick up and it was ready when I arrived for it. Not only was it very tasty but they were very good portion sizes as well.  

Todays Journey 8.8 miles, no locks in 3¾ hours.


Tom and Jan said...

Is the CRT mooring sign a "left over" from when there was a hire fleet based in the basin taking up a number of the moorings?

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I've seen a surprising good level of co-ordination recently, between putting in piling with a gap behind then dredging nearby and using the dredgings to fill behind.