Thursday 16 November 2023


Well it happened again, just getting ready to set off and a boat came passed, so all the locks were against us. Again the weather was dead calm and cooler than of late.DSCF8672

We had to wait for a boat to descend Bubblehole lock, but that wouldn’t put any locks in our favour, leaving the lock I picked up a blade full that I couldn’t shake off so I cleared the prop at the bottom of the Bratch flight. It wasn’t pleasant as it was brambles tight around the shaft in front of the prop with a minced beer can in there for good measure.
As I entered the lock I spotted what someone coming down had removed from their prop, a collection of fenders. Why do people lock or even boat with them down?DSCF8673

We pushed on to Awbridge lock where we met another boat coming down but even with the delays we were to close to the boat ahead for it to be an advantage. I often wonder who and why this design of bridge was called for and not a plane accommodation bridge like everywhere else.DSCF8674

By Wightwick lock we cold see the boat ahead leaving but that is as close as we got. If anyone fancies a house with mooring potential then this one may fit the bill. It has a surprising amount of canal frontage.DSCF8675

We moored up just before Compton Lock on the 5 day moorings and considered going to the Italian restaurant for a meal but the only time they could fit us in was 5pm or 8-45pm. one too early and one too late.  It always bothers me booking a table way ahead as on a boat you can never be sure exactly when you will arrive or if you can get a mooring etc. so its off to the pub.

Today’s Journeyimage

4½ miles, 8 locks in 4 hours

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