Monday 6 November 2023

Tameside nature Reserve Fazeley

The day didn’t start well, it was a late start as I had to go and buy some antifreeze first. Back home I picked Diana up and at Henstead cross roads a big notice saying “Road Closed at Hulver” the way we wanted to go. so we went straight across, along miles of single track muddy, potholed lanes, reversing back twice for oncoming vehicles only to come out right beside the Road Closed  sign. So it was turn right, all the way back to Henstead, through to Carlton Colville and join the A1145 to Beccles. The rest of the journey when quite well, a couple of very slow bits on the A14.
We stopped at the Rugby Services on the M6 for a coffee and a bite to eat, so far the journey had been bright sunshine, we came out of the services to black clouds and it only got worse. Luckily we were able to park right at the stern of the boat, an advantage of arriving mis week when most are at work. The car was soon unloaded and we headed towards the exit of the marina, To say it was dark over our Will’s mothers would be an understatement DSCF8572band almost as soon as we were on the canal the brolly was out. Needless to say we didn’t meet any other boats on the way, but one did come out behind us at Glascote basin and follow us down the Glascote locks. By now it was getting dark so we decided to moor just beyond the aqueduct over the River Thame, in the middle of the nature reserve around 5 pm.

Todays Journeyimage

3½ miles, 2 locks in 1½ hours

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