Tuesday 14 November 2023

Stourton , Staff & Worc Canal

A few fireworks again last night but other than that all quite except for the weather, but that was all change this morning when it was dead calm.DSCF8647

Two thing which seem the norm, all the locks were against us and no sooner had we started down the flight it started to rain and only stopped just before the bottom lock. Some of the lock show the wear the stone and brick works has suffered over the years with boats not quite getting the line right.DSCF8648

We did meet another boat at lock 6 but to our surprise apart from lock 7 that he had just left all the rest were again against us so I think he must have spent the night on the lock moorings.
I do like to see things like this or painted signs on the walls of old buildings.DSCF8650

Just above lock 2 I was lucky enough not only to see a Kingfisher but also photograph it, in actual fact I DSCF8652think there were two, because just after I took the photo it flew off, but looking back I could see the back of one in the same tree.DSCF8653

I took us exactly 2½ hours to do the flight, but we were only moving for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
There was a rather interesting boat on the hard a Brooks boat yard with very round chines.DSCF8654

We carried on down to Stourton Junction where we turned right and it wasn’t long before we med a man powered CRT workboat.DSCF8656

Still there were plenty of them and it wasn’t that far to their yard at Stewponey Lock. we didn’t go much further before mooring for the night, we are within a foot of the bank which isn’t bad, the whole canal is very shallow as I found out when I tried reversing.

Today’s Journeyimage 4¼ miles 20 locks in 4¼ hours

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