Tuesday 21 November 2023

Shadehouse Lock

Surprisingly quiet last night for being in a town, a bit of rain overnight but dry this morning, a chilly dry I might add, winter is coming. It was a little after 10 when we set off and needless to say, that not only did it coincided with a boat coming past but also one coming the other from under the bridge.
I use to enjoy looking at the birds of pray in two of the gardens a short way before the Ash Tree Boat Club but passing today there is only one, the other house where there was on has removed the aviary.
The Lady with the Lamp on the Hawkesyard Moorings has moved back to her original position at the East end.DSCF8699

We chugged through the narrows at Armitage and just as we exited the bridge we met a boat coming towards us, so he had to pull back about a boats length, the boat we were following thought we had stopped as we were a lot slower passed the moorings than he was. As we approached the church bend there are several trees with lots of roots exposed to the air.DSCF8702

We met several boats between here at Woodend Lock but it was till against us. The HS2 embankment stands proud on the Southside of the canal but nothing has happened on the North.DSCF8704

Our planned mooring for the night was just above Shadehouse lock so we were pleased to find only one boat moored there.

Today’s Journey image

7¼ miles, 1 lock in 3 hours

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