Sunday 12 November 2023

Merry Hill

Dear readers, I often slip a deliberate mistake into my postings just to see who is paying attention. If you believe that you believe anything.

Well we woke to rain again, Diana visited the visitor centre and donated books and jigsaws but more importantly bought cake before we set off down to Hawne Basin in the rain, we even met a boat on the way, in a bridge hole on a bend!
It’s good to see the picture has returned in Gosty Tunnel, I wonder if they took it to the Repair Shop,DSCF8632 I must keep an eye open for it. This gives a good idea or the change in roof level as well.DSCF8633

It wasn’t raining on the far side of the tunnel which was nice. It wasn’t long before we were chugging past a fishing match, they were still here on our way back, but a few had packed up and called it a day.DSCF8634
When we arrived at the basin the wind had dropped to zero which was nice, its not the easiest of entrances and then you need to swing by 90° to lay along side the fuel bay, we also invested in a pump out, 5Lt of Morris oil and some stern tube grease. Last of the big spenders. A quick word with friends who moor there, it had to be quick as they were off to the clubhouse for Sunday Lunch and we were back on our way out again. Through the tunnel and back up to Windmill end Junction where we turned left passing yet another fishing match and another BCN cottage before arriving at Blowers Green Lock.DSCF8636I don’t know if CRT got the result they were after introducing weevils to eat the duck weed but there is still a lot about, not as thick as last time we were this way, but is that due to the weevils or the weather?DSCF8638

Needless to say the lock was against us, we then carried on to Merry Hills to moor opposite Weatherspoons by the hotel, we have never moored over here before, normally going towpath side above the shopping centre, so far it seems less car noise and people.

Today’s Journey image10 miles, 1 lock in 4½ hours

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Pip and Mick said...

When visiting Hawne Basin it is obligatory to tell us the price of diesel! Last time we were there it was 59p. I suspect it's more now.

NB Oleanna