Friday 17 November 2023

Four Ashes

Luckily we had got back to the boat last night before the rain started. It may have been raining when we went to bed but it cleared out over night and we woke to ice on the roof of the boat and mist rising from the canal as can be seen at the only lock of the day Crompton Lock.DSCF8677

Quite a busy day on the cut today and we met 4 boats, the first an ex working boat called Aldridge, It’s not historic but not only is it ex working but its still working for the Rothen group.DSCF8679

Passing the moorings by the M54 this creature was lurking by the waters edge, I wonder if it ate the giraffe that use to be here.DSCF8678

Just beyond Hatherton Marina there has been a lot of work clearing trees for some reason, some of tree stumps and roundels are very brightly coloured. DSCF8680

We carried on meeting another two Narrowboats both of them looking very similar. Our mooring for the night was a sort way before Long Molls Bridge.

Today’s Journey image

8½ miles, 1 lock in 3¼ hours

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