Saturday 18 November 2023


No owls last night, just the horrible sound of foxes screaming, that and the rain on the roof which I think lasted all night, it was just dying out at 8 this morning. At least the neighbours were quiet.DSCF8681

Every lock today has been against us, we did meet two boats as we left Brick Kiln Lock but they must have been moored in the pound below because Boggs Lock was empty.
At one lock there was a fisherman just above the lock and when Diana worked the lock he just stood there fishing with his back to her, as I arrived he took his tackle and stood on the towpath back to the canal looking at the hedge, I think that is the least interactivity I have ever had with a fisherman.
We decided to fill with water at Penkridge, but the boat we had obviously been following all day was there, Thankfully he had finished using the services and had just set Penkridge lock to leave. We filled with water and just as we were leaving it started to rain, we only went just below the lock to moor for the night.

Today’s Journeyimage

5 miles, 7 locks in 3¼ hours

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