Wednesday 22 November 2023


We were just finishing our cup or tea when Jules Fuels came passed so we set off to take advantage of the full lock, well it was still almost full. But the time we reached Middle Lock it was over half empty and as there was now a boat approaching from below Diana set it for them. Someone has installed a new bench seat by Middle Lock, there is no commemorative plaque on it that we could see, so I wonder who has paid for it? Not a cheap job.DSCF8705The Mucky Duck has had their sign repainting by the look of it. I don’t remember it being so bright.DSCF8706

We turned right here and a couple of friendly walkers opened the bridge for us as we passed. At one time CRT planned to put a locking mechanism on this bridge, thankfully for some reason we will probably never know they abandoned, the idea once through the swing bridge we pulled over to fill with water. Whilst there I took the opportunity to ring round for some diesel prices so we can fill up before going home. Once the tank was full we were off, a pair of swans gave a nice reflection shot.DSCF8707

On the off side just to the south of Brookhay Bridge a couple of boats have installed moorings on the off side by the woods, I know this land use to belong to the ex owner of Brookhay Cottage so I assume the boaters have bought it, but I am surprised if CRT have sanctioned the moorings there. DSCF8710

We hadn’t planned on stopping at Streethay for diesel but then I saw the price£1-07. so I had gone by and had to reverse back.That had a crane DSCF8712working on the yard lifting boats, I could see that had just completed a lift and were tickling a Springer onto the cradle so I reverse back against the wharf for a fill up knowing there wouldn’t be a boat swinging over me.
Bit of a sad sight on the moorings just before the Huddlesford Plough with this sunken boat on the moorings.DSCF8713

This boat always brings a smile, we often see it around the area with all the tyre sculptures and other nick knacks on board.DSCF8714

I hope this farmer has put notices out warning the hedgehogs not to eat the pumpkins, it looks as if he may have grown to many this year, is it demand falling or more growing them? Such a waste of good food every year.DSCF8716

We have moored right outside the Tame Otter at Hopwas, the gun fire has finally stopped from the Army shooting range . You can see the safety exclusion area on this map.image

Once moored up I took a feel down the weed hatch around the prop shaft as I had the feeling there was a little something there, and I was right, this is a first for me, the hooks are hidden in the blue stuff. It was as expected round the shaft between the hull and the back of the propeller.DSCF8718

Today’s Journey image8¾ miles, 2 locks in 4½ hours

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