Monday 13 November 2023

Leys Junction , Briley Hill

Yesterday evening was sill and fine, the geese weren't making too much noise and it was a greatDSCF8639mooring, however over night the pressure plummeted, the rain hammered down on the roof and the wind got up. Thankfully the rain had 
At 10 o’clock Diana took her self off to M&S and I moved the boat to the towpath side ready for her return. Was she was back onboard a few minuets after 11am we set off to the Delph flight of locks. On the way this little chap landed on the rear slide, the red spots on the black body were hardly visible.DSCF8642

Needles to say all the locks were against us, but I don’t think we would have been much quicker if they had been with us and still the same amount of walking opening and closing.We got to lock 7 and a boat moored beside lock 8 indicated he was coming up and even opened the top gate of 8 for us.  Last time we came this way I tried to moor in that spot but the weed was so bad we couldn’t even pull the boat in,It must be a weather related thing.
There was only a small amount of water running over the by-weirs but the wind was picking it up as it toppled over the edge.DSCF8643

A Heron went ahead of us for a couple of locks, landing on the hand rails but I didn’t see it attempt to catch any fish.DSCF8644

We made good time down the 8 locks, just over an hour, not bad for a couple of oldies. Passing the long term moorings below the locks at Delph Wharf I noticed that the oblong boat is standing on the hard,DSCF8645 I don’t think I have seen it afloat the last couple of times I have been this way.  This was it when it was afloat.image

Also at the wharf is an old cruiser sitting on top of a container and I noticed it actually has a name on the stern, does anyone recognise it.DSCF8646

Now it was mac on weather but it wasn't too hard and didn’t last long but the wind continues to freshen. We got to Leys Junction and turned left ready to go down the Stourbridge flight in the morning, we were going to go today  but if things don’t go well it could well be gone 4 pm before we reach Stourbridge junction. We are moored on the very end of the lock moorings, this was in preference to mooring the other side under a tree, I doubt many boats will turn up now wanting to lock down.

Today’s Journeyimage


2¾ miles, 8 locks in 2 hours

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