Tuesday 7 November 2023

Kingsbury, Wiggins Hill Bridge

We woke to a lovely sunny morning after the miserable weather yesterday afternoon.  First stop was the waterpoint at Fazeley junction to fil with water , a nice reflection of Harnser in the glassDSCF8574panelling on the far side, it fills me with dread every time I turn here that I will hit the glass and smash it. Anyway once we filled up I drew back towards bridge 77 and swung the bows round to go up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal through Watling street bridge, thankfully this was achieved without touching the glass. Just before Drayton Swivel Bridge we passed two boats mooring up who informed me there was a cruiser floating free a little further up the canal. I decided that I would stop and moori it up, it had some good rope but no pins or piling so I tied it the best I could to the undergrowth. It may even have been abandoned as no windows and no interior, but at least its not floating all over the cut.DSCF8575

At lock 7 a walker informed me that the cut was dry between 5 and 4, well it wasn’t quite dry but not enough to float a boat in so Diana went ahead and let water down while I worker lock 6.
The lock cottage at Lock 4 is looking very smart now its been painted, much different to when they were ripping down the old veranda.DSCF8577

The locks had been against us since above Marston Farm Hotel until lock 3 which was with us, both the bottom paddles off their stops. from here it was a steady run up to the Cuttle Bridge Inn, although there are good moorings outside the pub we prefer to go through the bridge to moor, so we have the houses between us and the A4097.
Since we have been moored up I have ticked off another job, drain down the radiator and refill with antifreeze/water mix.

Todays Journey image

7¼ miles, 11 locks in 5 hours

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