Sunday 19 November 2023

Tixall Lock

It was completely dry last night, not a drop of rain, there wasn’t even any dew on the boat this morning, no damp at all. We had an early morning call from the ducks pecking round the hull but had no problem going off to sleep again. In view of the weather forecast we set off a little early at half nine and we didn’t  need a raincoat until Park Gate Lock which was rather slow to fill, the top offside paddle has been us for years. Just after we left the lock we met a boat so Shutt Hill Lock was with us, but it was the only one.
From here the rain was only light and spasmodic so not too bad. Acton Trussell church looks an interesting little building but not built on quite the highest point of the village.DSCF8682

Just beyond the Stafford Boat Club a stream comes into the canal on the off side, I was under the impression that CRT had dredged this area but the canal is only about a foot deep for half its width, OK if you don’t meet anyone.The stream is right beside this culvert.DSCF8688

All the land opposite is still well under water which is not unusual for this time of the year, I bet there is some fantastic bird watching to be had.DSCF8687

A little further on is the site of the proposed Stafford Link, whether it ever gets completed is another matter and if it does how useful it will be if it all floods every year and the problems that will bring.DSCF8689

We had just turned onto the aqueduct crossing the river Sow when we met the second boat of the day, the restaurant boat from the Garden Centre at Great Haywood, he was only going to the winding hole and returning so he hat left the top gate open at Tixall Lock so it would be ready for us. I thanked him for his generosity but didn’t tell him we were mooring before the lock and it would still be in his favour, I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for for him. By now it was really raining and we pulled in to moor a few hundred yards before the lock on the straight section of piling.

Today’s journeyimage 

8½ miles, 4 locks in 3¾hours

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