Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Home moorings Wednesday 11 July 2018

Last night we were very surprised with the amount of noise we could hear from the motorway, this morning when we woke all we could hear was the planes heading into Liverpool. Another hot day as we winded and headed back to the marina, as we entered under the bridge Dave came to meet us and asked us to moor on the other side of the pontoon. It didn't take long to get things packed away into the car and head home. The M6 was fine but we had to divert on the A14 due to the road being blocked following a accident.

Today's Journeymap 13 1 mile in ¾ hour

The total trip this time we has gone 18 locks and over 100 mils but never been more than 15 miles from our starting point. map 14

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