Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Croxton Flash Tuesday 31 July 2018

Not a bad run to the boat, we stopped for lunch at the services on the M6 toll road and ate at a place called Leon's then on to the boat, The water levels were down about 6" so the stern had slipped under the pontoon removing some paint from the gunwale in a couple of places.

It was quarter to five before we pushed off and headed towards Middlewich, there are quite a few more boats in the new marina now.DSCF0004

Our plan was to stop at Bramble Cuttings but there were three boats there already, next choice the rings just to the east on the towpath side but two boat there so we are on pins at the side of Croxton Flash.

Today's Journey 3¾ miles 1½ hoursmap 01

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