Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Meadowbank Tuesday 3 July 2018

Again I rang the lock keeper to see what time Hunts lock would be locking up, a little after 10 as he was waiting for 2 boats to arrive coming downstream, so again we set off at half nine. As we passed under Hayhurst Swing Bridge they were about to open it, DSCF1634we didn't need it open so we carried on through. Hayhurst was the first electrically operated swing bridge in the Country thanks to Colonel Saner who also electrified the Anderton Lift.DSCF1638

There are some fine boats moored at Yarwood's yard includingDSCF1641Elisabeth, just out side is the tug Kennet looking very splendid.DSCF1642

We had a short wait for the lock along with another boat until the two approaching boats locked down, The keeper rang ahead to Vale Royal lock for us so the gate, they are still being pulled open and closed with a winch was open ready for us, so straight in with no messing about. At the moment they are refitting the old swing bridge across the lock and the crane and tug are still on site.DSCF1646

Our locking partners left us at Vale Royal visitor moorings whereas we carried on up stream. This section of the river is down a bit as can be seen by the height gauge for New Bridge, today is the left hand photo and normal is the right.

DSCF1648   DSCF9120

I normally have to remove the weather station but loads of room today.DSCF1650

I think the only reason there is any flow on this end of the river at all is due to the sewage outlet feeding it, we didn't detect any flow up at Winsford. You can see the froth  is flowing straight across the river.DSCF1653As we approached The Red Lion at Winsford a short management meeting was held where the decision to stop and pick up 2 pints of beer was approved before we carried on to the Town moorings, with the level down these were approached with caution, the bow got near the bank but not the stern. There is a handy water point here so we filed up while we ate lunch.DSCF1655

We then just as carefully drew back to the mouth of the Flash and headed back down stream, it was here that we saw a fine specimen of a Grass Snake swimming across the river. DSCF1656

On our way upstream we checked out a mooring spot by a concrete wall, its silty but we could get close in, this is almost opposite the salt mountain that has reappeared since we were here last, The lorries are running back and forth making it larger by the minute.DSCF1657

Today's Journey map 057 miles, 2 locks in 4 hours.

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