Saturday, 15 August 2015

Home Mooring Saturday 15 August 2015

We timed our departure spot on a little after 9 am so we arrived at Colwich lock with no boats ahead of us and one coming down, we then arrived at Haywood Lock just as the boat ahead was entering the lock, he had been in the queue for an hour. We went as far as Haywood Junction to wind and then headed back south, Second in line for Haywood lock wit a boat waiting to come up. Just below Haywood lock the Sweet boat was setting up shop with his new Gazebo mounted on the roof.DSCF9983 At Colwich lock we caught up with the boat we followed down Haywood Lock but there were 7 boats below the lock to come up.DSCN2320

We stopped between the Trent aqueduct and the A513 for lunch and then walked over the aqueduct to the steps so George could try his “Slinky” on the steps.DSCN2321

We then headed back to the marina arriving about 5 pm. Once back it was an oil change and get ready to head off in the morning.

Today’s Journey map 2612¾ 2 locks (twice) in 6¼ hours

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