Saturday, 8 August 2015

Tardebigge Top Lock Saturday 8 August 2015

Yesterday evening we decided to eat at The Queens head, Diana and Brian walked over during the afternoon to book a table, no chance, they were fully booked, but if we turned up as soon after 6 pm as possible we would probably get a table in the bar and they were spot on. The place was heaving but I must say the service was second to none. well done them.DSCF9873

This morning we were ready to leave at 9-30 as Brian had the breakfast out for us when we got up. There wasn’t a breath of wind and the sun was getting brighter, looking out of the rear door this was our view of the pub.DSCF9874

As it had been some time since the last boat went up the flight we set off, it turned out to be well timed because as we left the second lock another boat was ready to start their way up.

There are even more aerials up this way now, with a large array hanging from a crane.DSCN2244 

Brian worked very well both shutting behind me and sometimes setting ahead, not bad for someone who is 10 tomorrow.DSCN2249

We made good progress up the flight meting 4 boats when we were well over half way up, but this didn’t help much as they had passed another boat going up a lock or so ahead. The reservoir looked quite low as we passed.DSCN2254

A couple of locks further up the flight is a sluice that feeds excess water coming down the flight into the reservoir.DSCF9883

We continued on to the long pound before Tardebigge Top Lock to moor for the night at 1300 hrs.

Today’s Journey map 19

2 miles 28 locks in 3½ hours

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