Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Saltersford Wednesday 1 August 2018

1st of the month, check your smoke and CO alarms folks, you know it
makes sense.

Well we expected an early shout from the neigh boughs but I think they must all have had hangovers as we didn't hear a peep from them.DSCF0009

Earlier this year CTR bolted some wood to the top of the concrete coping to stop the water flowing over, its not needed this week.DSCF0012

We ran up to the winding hole at Middlewich to turn and then headed back towards Anderton. The Bramble Cuttings is looking smart now at the north end with all the work carried out by the DSCF0016Broken Cross Boat Club. Its good to see there is a plaque to show the work was carried out by Broken Cross volunteers.DSCF0015

We met quite a few boats as we made our way to the Anderton Services, we needed to stop here as the water tank was just about empty. While we were there Steve the painter from Northwich Dry Dock came to look at our paintwork. We also ate diner the tank took so long to fill.

Once this was all sorted we carried on along the T&M first through Barnton Tunnel in a convey of 4 boats, the other 3 were all single women, we were last but one. I felt sorry for the hire boat waiting at the other end for us all to emerge. It was just under a ten minute wait for Saltersford Tunnel, here there was a new one for me, I met a pair of swans with cygnets in the dark, lots of squeaking but all passed safely.

Just north of the tunnel CRT have contractors dredging. they have installed wood and mesh piling along the offside and are back filling with the dredgings.DSCF0018

About half a mile past this we met another Barge with dredger. The dredger driver read the name of our boat and shouted , must be Norwich. What he didn't shout was there that there was another push tug with a mud hopper a short way behind them, it was a good job it was in a bit they had already dredged. We carried on to find some piling to moor for the night. just behind us is a small butty called Persephone that some of you may know.

Today's Journey map 0213¾ miles in 6 hours.

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