Friday, 26 October 2018

Daresbury Friday 26 October 2018

Last night it rained quite a bit, so with that the planes going over it was bit of a broken night. This morning we waited until the rain stopped at about 10-30 am before setting off, by then there wasn't a drop of wind.DSCF0513

It wasn't long before we passed this length of burnt out hedgerow, it may have been vandalism or a case of someone dropping hot ash from the fire in the base of the hedge from a boat. If you do put your ash in the base of the hedge please take care.DSCF0516

At one point the sky turned very dark and we heard what sounded like a large clap of thunder but it was some time before the rain arrived with us and when it did it didn't last long.DSCF0515

The Bridgewater company have been improving some of the off side long term mooring in Grappenhall but it looks as if the work has finished now as we met these two barges, one towing the other near Pickering's Bridge.DSCF0520

The Bridgewater's method of cutting the towpath edge looks a lot more efficient than CRT's use of strimmers, but then again they don't have so many moored boats to contend with and belongings all over the towpath.DSCF0525

I saw this notice on a lamp post on the towpath and it set me wondering what is allowed on the Bridgewater Canal.

We carried on for a bit and then moored almost opposite the end of the Daresbury Science Park where hopefully the woodland will screen us from the noise of the A56.

Today's Journeymap 11 12 miles in 3¾ hours.

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