Sunday, 28 October 2018

Home Moorings Sunday 28 October 2018

Our reason for getting back to Anderton yesterday was the fire work display that CRT were putting on on the river. It cost £6 per head to go into the visitor centre grounds to watch them and well worth the money. I wouldn't like to estimate how many people were there but they had to delay the start as people were still coming in at 8pm.

DSCF0564   DSCF0541

When we went to bed we didn't change the bedroom clock so this morning we got up at our usual time and were on the move at 9am new time.

It was a bright sunny morning as we made our way back to our home moorings but a bit on the cool side. Once moored up it was load the car up with stuff to bring home, by now there were some rather black clouds gathering but we completed the task in the dry and a little after 12 o'clock were on our way home.

Today's Journeymap 13 5 miles in 2¾ hours.

This trip we have done 112 miles IMG_0256

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